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  • Professional

    We pride ourselves on the professional conduct of all of our team and ensure that any photographer onsite conducts themselves to the highest level of professionalism.

    We understand that being a great photographer does not stop with quality photographs. Our team are all experienced in taking photos in both closed and open environments. Fitting in around clients and customers is paramount. We can discuss the shoot in advance and only bring the equipment required to make sure that our footprint on site does not inconvenience customers and staff alike.

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  • Discreet

    As well as being professional it is vital that our team practice the art of discretion. 

    We know that some venues are open throughout the day and have no choice but to conduct their marketing photography whilst they are open to the public. We have a lot of experience of taking product photos whilst the venue is conducting business. This means that efficiency of time is important as well as looking and being as professional as possible. Depending on the project, we can keep our equipment to a minimum plus also making sure that no customer experience is affected by our staff.

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  • Affordable

    We strive to bring you Above-Apar photography for affordable prices. We have a passion for photography so enjoy our work immensely, this allows us to have a very reasonable price list and to make sure that the product is the very best that can be achieved.

    We understand the fact that we are only as good as our last photo and try to ensure that we produce over and above what is expected. Every photo we take is another that we can add to our portfolio so we try to keep our prices to an acceptable level for all of our clients. 

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  • Reliable

    We understand that sometimes there is only a small window in the day to get the photos done and so we make sure that we arrive at the time requested and no later!

    Events cannot wait around for a late photographer and so we ensure that we are going to be where we say we will be at the time agreed with our clients. This way everyone who books us knows that, once agreed, their plans will not change because of us.

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